SuperSport “Transformers”





About This Project

SuperSport is a satellite sports bouquet that broadcasts all major sporting events, we were tasked with producing a commercial tied in the various sporting arena’s.
Production: Orijin
Post Production and VFX: Ensemble
Executive Producer: Rudy Sennett and Leon Schoeman
Producer: Mandy Deacon
VFX Supervisor Nic “Ring Master” Yiallouris:
VFX Artists:
Heiko “TED Talks” von Fintel
Peter “Iron Face” Herbert
Theuns “Atomic” van Rensburg
Grant “Dupstep” Aerts
Adrian “Low Rider” Berghoff
Daniel Luz
Eaton “Logo Lover” Crous
Kayleigh “Quick Sticks” Swart
Dimitri “All Night” Zachos
Grant “Wide Lens” Legassic
Wilfred “Long Lens” de la Querra
Director: Nic Yiallouris
CD: Eddie Van Rensburg
Editor: Kim Pinto
DOP: Johan Horjus
Sound Design: Gareth Wharton
Music: Justin – Counterstrike